How to download a GrabCAD .sldasm file to be able to manipulate it?

I am trying to download a .sldasm file and it will pop up for a second then an error message will come up saying the file path could not be found. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this/has a solution to it because it did not happen when I tried to download other similar files.

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2 Answers

Assemblies need their associated part files in order to open. Acquire all the part files, put them in the same folder with the assembly file and you're good to go.

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Assemblies needs all its parts file(.prt) in the same folder to open. Having only .sldasm file is not enough.
By the way, even if you get all corresponding part files, it is still likely to have errors opening the project.
A better way to do this is to use .step file. It is like the ".pdf" format in CAD sketching. Contact the author and ask for .step file if possible.

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