How to download open a file .stp with sketchup make 2017

Hello, could you help me how to transfert a 3D.stp file from Grabcad Library and to open wirh sketchup make 2017.
Thanks a lot for your reply

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3 Answers

What formats will sketchup open?
OBJ or STL would be my assumption. Would one of those work for you?

Based on Jonathan's link, you can use an OBJ file only if you have the pro version of sketchup.
If you can import an OBJ, pot a link to the model you need, and it should be easy to convert it.

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See link above. Here are all the file types sketchup can open/use. Step files are not one of them unfortunately.

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Lol thanks! Only so much knowledge can be given so many times. Vacation does that to you.

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