How to Draw a 8M Curved Complex Structure In Autocad?

Hi, My Colleagues took Wooden Template of a Complex Curved Cutout Profile in a Platform , Where the Customer Want us to prepare a Steel Fabricated Structure.
But I want an easy way to take the dimension of the curved Wooden Template pieces.

I have two options - 1) completely match all the wooden pieces in floor and draw the outline and for this outline take dimensions.
2) Take dimension of each wooden pieces and connect them in CAD.

Still I need one easy method to dimension the wooden pieces and draw the exact shape in Autocad. Somebody Help me please.

Please have a look at the attached Picture.

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1 Answer

Assuming you don't have a laser tracker 3D measuring tool:

I would go with the first option. (assuming its 2D) I would do something with coordinates as it is very hard to measure curves and all that. I'd probably try to get the outlines shaped by laying the wooden template on top of a big piece of square lined paper and then placing dots in ACAD. You can try that with polylines, arcs or splines. (I dont know which is best as i do not know the situation.
I hope you can get satisfying results with this.

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