How to draw a body for this toy car

How to draw a body for this toy car, I made the chassis and the wheels, but I can not draw the body, it is a design for injection mold.

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That is going to be a tricky project. Usually when making a car (or other complex shape) it is handy to have 2D images of it in the background which you can sketch over. You can download many of the vehicle models from the Library and get a sense for how they did it.

There is also an excellent tutorial online from 2010 or so I think, but it shows step by step how to create a Camaro. It might be a good idea to start with a tutorial, and then tackle this project.

If the parts will be injection molded, don't forget to account for draft angles so the parts release from the tooling. Your current parts look pretty good for having uniform wall thickness, and access to form various features, but draft angles are not present.

If you get to the end of a complex shape like the body and then try to add draft, I think you'll have a lot of trouble.

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Hey how about power surfacing? It is a very powerful add-in in SOLIDWORKS for shaping complex parts. Have a look at that.

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I've never used it, so I can't say if it would help or not. It is possible to create the car in SolidWorks without extra tools, but it comes down to time and skill.

If Power Surfacing makes it easier, or faster, then it could be worthwhile.

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