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How to draw a curve in catia by desired equation??

By 0873776e on 28 Nov 13:02 3 answers 5957 views 0 comments


3 answers

  • Nedim
    Nedim over 3 years ago

    it is not possible to create a macro or an wxcel table.
    You must create a parametric curve. Create a function, but not f(x), you must use fog oprion for that. In the fog, create a parametat t, on the right side of this window, on the left side insert the mathematical formula of x in dependence of t (do the same for y and z if it is a 3D curve, or only y if iz is a 2D curve).
    Then create points, for every coordinate you must create a formula (right click, edit formula), for x coordinate, click in the formula on x relation then pres space one time and wrote this ".Evaluate(VALUE OF T), do the same for y, and z (click every time the right relation).
    Create more of this points, and change the VALUE OF T by a step, if the step is smaller so is your curve better, begin with 0.
    When you create the points, do a spline through these points.

  • Emiliano Lopez
    Emiliano Lopez over 3 years ago

    someone told me that you need to import a macro from excel

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