How to draw a curve joining center of these 2 pipes in a 3D plane ?

Lets say, I have 2 pipes. I can also design a flexible pipe in a generative shape design using the Law tool Now I am not understanding how to draw a curve in 3D plane joining these two holes so that I can use a law function and create a flexible pipe joining the two hollow pipes.

Please tell me what tools I can use to draw the curve in a 3d plane.

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2 Answers

Create two pipe with points and axis. Then connect this two pipe with connect curve or spline. When you move points or rotate axis, it will update itself.

If you want to apply this at product level, just check below link.

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I don't know Catia, but this looks like it can be solved in 2D.
A new plane could be created which passes through the center of each pipe.
On the new plane, draw the centerline profile of the path you'd like it to take.
In SolidWorks, both Sweep, and Loft tools could generate the final solid part which follows the sketch drawn above.

Can you upload a step model of the pipes? Maybe there is some added complexity which I am not seeing from the isometric view?
Images and a step file are attached.

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