How to draw a woven wire pattern known as Rionet Rustent in Danish? (pictures attached)

Anyone who can help me with drawing this woven wire and it is known as Rionet Rustent in Danish?...I tried it many times and it is not working the way I want it to be....

Dimension 1200mmx800mm

Thinkness 5mm

Distances of the sqaure is 45x45mm in pattern

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2 Answers

Could you draw the end profile (5mm OD) and extrude it to the appropriate length, then use linear pattern to copy it every 45mm until you reach your end goal of 1200mmx800mm? This would achieve the vertical pattern or mesh.

Likewise for the wires that are going horizontally. Allowing you to finish the design.

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What do you want to change in your model?
I think it look OK if the wires are meant to be welded together.
If it really needs to be drawn as a woven mesh, then things get more complicated.

I have three examples of interwoven wires and bands. I would not suggest making such a model unless there is a need for it:
7 Band Interwoven Ring
Interlocking Woven Design
Decorative Architecture Element

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