How to draw chain pully and belt drive mechanism in catia v5

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(not sure why this has a Alibre Design software tag, since the question is about CATIA?)

If you're a machine designer, you know what a chain/belt looks like so don't waste your time trying to model the teeth or links. Especially since CATIA V5 doesn't easily do this. Just model the basic profile of the pulley and belt to show where the parts go and reserve that space. See the attached picture of a recent project I worked on - the spockets were downloaded from the supplier.

If you need to render a true representation; good luck. I'd suggest starting with calculating the exact length of the belt (along the pitch diameter), and then add equidistant points along the pitch diameter.

I need know that, Is there anything like trim to closet in catia darfting process?
As per, I know there a tool similar to "trim to closet". But, I can't find the tool. Does anyone knows where to find this?

same question as original post, but with the how-to steps for students: