How to draw fashion & pattern designs on Autocad ?

is there a special library or a course for learning fashion design on Autocad ?

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AFAIK - No .
Autocad is not meant to be used for fashion ( technical term - Apparel ) design.
There are specific cad applications for that , that would let you create the seams , tensions , stitches and patterns .
Some of them are specifically used for presentation, others for production.
I have been using in the past clo3d ( ) , which is great for renderings (and begginers ) , less for production.
3Dsmax has special apparel tools ( the Cloth modifier and tools )
optitex is also quite good ( )
I suggest you use Google to find the tools . Just use the term "apparel CAD" and not "fashion" . You will find lots of forums, software ( some even free ) and tutorials.

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