how to draw on a curved surface on catia

im doing a project about process analysis and jig design for the skin of an aircraft (one panel only, not the hole skin)

2 Answers

the best way to get a curve onto a surface is to use the project tool where you can sketch the shape on a 2D plane and then project that curve onto a surface


1. Drafting => Text - Enter your text.
2. Save your text as a dxf or dwg. (not quite sure what format, try them bouth)
3. enter in GSD (generative shape design), build your surface
4. In a different sketch insert your dxf or dwg (copy/paste)
5. project it on your surface
I dont remeber the command exactly but you can wrap your text on the surface.
For more details, please search on Youtube the bottel of Coke tutorial, I think that you will find it more explicit

Hope it helps :)