how to draw polygon in catia?

hi guys,
i am using catia v5r22 version. i couldn't find polygon command in that can find out polygon command? in the attachment i have profile tabs

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Draw a circle of the required radius in the sketcher.
Then use equidistant points command in sketcher to create 5 equal points in the circle
Then, draw the lines which form the polygon and constrain them.

There's no direct method to create a polygon I know of.

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There is a Hexagon command in the Sketcher workbench, although I don't see it in the original question's image.

I use Mashi's method also.

Drawing a Polygon would be a great applicaion for a PowerCopy or Macro!

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This is a license restriction, you most likely do not have the appropriate license for the polygon tool. However as the others have described, this is a work around. You generally "pay more" for licenses to enable you do things quicker.

If you would like to learn more about licenses, please visit

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Amit: which module includes the polygon tool? V5? V6?

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