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How to Draw Welding Detail in solidworks?

By ilyas on 04 Apr 18:25 3 answers 0 comments

I want to know that how can we draw detail drawing of welding detail like in boiler or pressure vessel in solid works?

3 answers

  • Aled J Taylor
    Aled J Taylor over 4 years ago

    If you want to represent welding detail in a model, you can use a multi-bodied part and make SolidWorks think it's a Weldment (Weldment button bar, Weldment). Then use a weld bead. Alternatively, you could combine the bodies together and use fillets.
    Hinge, Heavy duty, with Drawings

  • 2ea76538
    2ea76538 over 4 years ago

    ? Use welding symbol?

  • ilyas
    ilyas over 4 years ago

    I want like this welding detail in Assembly mode, so i can directly make drawing from that. I attached file. if anyone know, kindly help me.


    Welding.pdf, 5.05 KB

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