how to edit a locked model in ProE?

i have downloaded a model of francis turbine from this i want to edit certain dimensions of the parts,how can i do that?
the part can be opened separately in a window but the model tree doesn't appear..pls help ASAP..project is pending

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Dude Your part is imported FIle part...thats why its not editable...!
Firstly it was converted into IGES/STEP file afterthat its open & save in PRO-E.

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it can't be edited ?
its an orphen data file means MODEL TREE Is not given to you.
either ask for .prt file from whome you took this file otherwise there is another option that is flexible modling
but a very few changes like fillet chamfer''s size
hole copy etc can be changed there

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you can edit this using flexible modelling in creo 2 parametric but u can perform very few options such as move, round ,chamfer etc...........
and also it requires lots of RAM space and works very slow.....

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