How to edit .stl files in Solid Edge ST9?

I’ve successfully scanned my watch upper case. After that I got and stl file for result, which I can’t edit in Solid Edge.
I attached a picture about the problem.
Can I convert this file so I can edit? Is this possible?

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yes you can edit stl file in rhinoceros 5

If you want to have full editing capability of an STL file you need to update to Solid Edge ST10.

ahh one more question :)

can I save it in a format so that I can edit it in solid edge?

What do you want to edit in the part? If you are using ST9, when you translate the STP/STL into a part they come through as dumb bodies. From then onwards you can 'add' and 'remove; material.

However you cannot modify the original features.

I haven't used ST10 therefore I cannot comment.

I have this problem in SolidWorks. I can't modify STL model.

Tank you for the answers!
I'm going to get Solid Edge ST10 and later on i will try to work with it

As Francesco has said, this can be done in ST10 as there are specific reverse engineering tools that allow you o recognise regions on the facet (stl) model and build accurate B-rep surfaces on top of it.

Here is an example: