How to effectively model Tank Tracks in Autodesk Inventor?

I'm making a model of a tank in Inventor, the whole thing is nearly finished except the tracks. I've made tracks on autodesk before for another tank model, but that involved creating a track segment then assembling them all to create the tracks, not only was this very time consuming, but it was inaccurate and caused lots of problems as there is nothing (or very little) to mate the tracks to other than other segments and the circular surface of the wheels, resulting in almost every segment needing to be grounded, and the whole thing not fitting properly and looking terrible.

Is there any faster or more precise method of making the tracks? I've considered making the tracks as one part, but i cannot find a way to pattern a segment along a path as complex as that of a tank track, and without that means cutting out each segment individually which is even more time consuming. I'm assuming it's impossible to pattern the segments (as parts) along a path? Any help or ideas would be appreciated!

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Sorry been so long working on other stuff not seen this question....

Have you got the problem resolved?

If not yes there is a quick and easy way!!!


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