How to enable " driving 3d constraints via generated dimension" in catia

As like in SOLIDWORKS -by updating dimension in drafting ,it will reflect in 3d model ( that is directional updation of 3d model)
Can anyone explain me how to do in CATIA
In user guide it is not explained

Accepted answer

I don't know why would you want that but here goes:
activate options for drafting as said here:

Have a part with constraints in part design
Go to drafting and do not dimension the part yourself, but go to insert->generation-> generate dimensions. It will generate dimensions on part that have constraints in part design or assembly. Note it is the exact constraint value.. not any random dimension!
Those dimensions that are green are drivable if the options allow it. You can double click on any automated generated dimesion/constraint and modify it. Then go to part design and update the part, then go to drafting and update the drawing.

You can't drive dimensions measured by you! It makes sense.. how would a program see where that dimesion is coming from? also it does not make new constraints. You only drive the existing constraints which you allready have in the part via the generated dimension (that is the same with the original constraint from part design). So I'd suggest to drive the constraints from part design directly.

If you need to drive more dimensions/constraints in an organized fashion (in part design/GSD), then look for parameters. If you put parameters for some important dimensions, you can drive those parameters from the parameters tab from part design. Much more easy than entering sketches and commands. Also note that you can give a list of parameters a set of values all at once from design table.

Modifying the part from the generated dimensions from constraints seems awkward and don't gives you the result immediatly as you need to update the part and then the drawing.

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