How to enable RealView using a GeForce GTX 660m graphics card?


I've don a lot research on the internet but I can't figure out to enable RealView in SolidWorks 2015 using an 2013 27" iMac with a GeForce GTX 660m graphics card.
I've tried several options with new keys and different values in the workarounds (Regedit) but up until now no such luck.
I've tried Real Hack 3.9.1 but still RealView is disabled.

I found this thread:

I followed this tutorial but realview is still disabled. It should work because someone did manage to enable RealView with the same graphics card as I have.

'Ilya Meylikhov 4 months ago

Hey! I would like to confirm that RealView works fine on the NVidia GTX 660 video adapter. I made the key in the NV40 folder (step 5 and 6) according to Plecostomus Prime comment.'

Can someone help me out?

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