How to engrave a logo o a part in SolidWorks ?

Hi, i want to put a logo on the device i have designed. i can engrave text but cannot engrave a logo or a picture. tell me how to make a logo file.can we engrave a ..jpeg file or there is some specific file format for it. And by which feature i can engrave it. Thank you

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Create a sketch on the plane you want the logo on. Import logo jpeg (tools-Sketch tools-sketch picture) -- scale logo to size required and position in place -- you will have to retrace logo using jpeg as guide -- then cut extrude the sketch from model. check out the colt logo

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OK Don't use autotrace create the shapes using splines you will get a nice smooth logo-- the fewr the spline pionts the smoother the curve

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Add some decals and trace the picture using spline

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Thank you for the help. i did it succesfully by using Autotrace . but the problem now is that the tracing is not that smooth and the logo sketch have too much corners(edges) in it.
How to smooth the tracing.

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Do You need to engrave? I mean sometimes decal is enough:

Playing card

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the file was solidworks 2013 have added iges and step files

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