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How to Engraving a roller press on solid or Catia?

By Diego on 27 Oct 23:52 3 answers 2 comments

I am working on a engraving roller to cut paper and i need help to perform the model.

The model has engravings and cuts profile to cut paper
at the moment i use a plane to wrap the roller itself and do a engraving.
see the images.

but still i need the cuttings edge on the engravings.
I apreciate your help
Thanks in advances.

Added images

Square Square Square

3 answers

  • Abhijeet
    Abhijeet almost 4 years ago

    Do you need help in catia or solidworks? the images belong to solidworks.

  • Ulugbek Hojimatov
    Ulugbek Hojimatov about 1 year ago

    Hello dear Mr. Abhijeet
    Thank you.., I want to learn ... Please can you send me tutorials to my mail....(

    I hope to wait you answer

    The best regards

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