How to export exterior components in UG NX or in CATIA?

We are having 100mb, 250mb of assembly files in catia and we do our designs in Solidworks. The problem is Solidworks cant handle with these huge files in step format. The way we do is, translate the catia to step and open in nx and export to parasolid and open in Solidworks save as part (exterior components). This process takes whole day. We just need the exterior components of the CAD model. Are there any other ways to do that in CATIA(we have limited license) or in NX to export the exterior components only?

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2 Answers

Use Linked Exterior feature in NX to create a precise outer shape model of an assembly.

It will bring down the file size dramatically and still looks like the original assembly.

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I tried now but, we don't have the license for that feature :(

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