How to export to collada (.dae) from Solidworks ?

Hi ,
I design on Solidworks 2014 and I'm asked to make a design in a .dae collada format . I searched the web and found nothing that may help me to export to collada from Solidworks . There was a plugin before but it's not available now . The models needs to go here (this might help)
is there any way (even a long and hard way) to export to collada from Solidworks ??
and if there is no way , what can I do to make designs with .dae collada format ?
is there a software that supports .dae and is close to Solidworks in usage ? (I'm very used to Solidworks)
I need help to solve this problem as soon as possible .

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4 Answers

You can convert *.sldprt (*.sldasm) to *.dae using SAP Visual Enterprise Author (Deep Exploration in the past)

Another way - you can export *.STL from SW
and use

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there are a problem want y export "Bearing.Stl"

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You can export a .stl file from SolidWorks and import it to Blender ( From there you can export your model to a .dae file.

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