How to extend cylinders to meet a curved surface.

I'm working on a project and I'm stuck!
I need to attach cylinders to a curved surface but I cannot seem to draw circles on the surface to extrude from, or extrude a cylinder until the surface. I'm using autodesk and have been trying to find tutorials that will tell me how to do this but cant find exactly what I'm trying to do. Do you have any advice, or know where I can learn this?

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I know it is a late reply...but I just recently joined the community. Anyways there are different ways of doing this. First is to create a circle and align it perpendicular to the surface, then go to shape merge and select the shape. This will project the shape on your curved surface which you can then again convert to editable poly and there you go...Make sure the circle does not have too many verts. You can do this by converting it to editable spline and then reducing the step size (under inerpolation).The downside for this approach is that it will create a lot of ugly triangles which will be difficult to handle if you apply turbosmooth modifier.
The way I do it is very easy process. Select a vertex where two edges intersect and where you want to extrude the cylinder, click chamfer once so that u get a 4 sided polygon. Then without deselecting the verts hit chamfer again. This will further add resolution to the polygonal surface. Now connect the free vents to the respective opposite sides. This there will be no more free certs. That's it, now you have a surface which you can extrude in the shape of a cylinder. The best thing about this approach is that the turbosmooth modifier works perfectly and you will get a smooth surface.
This might sound a bit confusing but I will soon upload the tutorial for you where you can see how it's done. I am currently replying from my phone hence cannot put screen shots from 3ds max.
Give it a try and let me know if it solves the problem, else I will fix it for you.

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