How to extend tray life on a stratasys uPrint

We have a stratasys uPrint at work and recently noticed having more issues with the machine not being able to calibrate. We think that the issue might be when we take the trays out the machine and slightly bend them to break of the parts we deform the tray some and the machine has issues calibrating because of that. Does someone have any tips or ideas how to extend the life of a tray instead of using trays only once? Or tips of how to remove parts without bending the trays to pop them off and getting residue support material off the trays?

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We reuse trays in the Dimension 1200es without many issues.
I know the uPrint is somewhat smaller but I believe the trays are similar...

A good practice to start is to not build any part on top of the 4 calibration locations. (Small circles shown in each corner on your build tray.) Avoiding these areas will allow the printe rhead to still drop down and calibrate correctly.

Secondly, you could lay the trays flat after they exit the oven, and use a pair of needle nose pliers or a butter knife to brake the parts off. (trying to minimize how many times you bend the tray)

You could also drop the trays into the CleanStation without bending and breaking the part off of the tray. The trays are also ABS and will last a couple baths without becoming too faded. Doing this will require changing the solution more often, but avoids any calibration issues. (Make sure to soak and clean off trays before using them again, if any lye is left on the surface, the build will peel up when it begins to lay the foundation layers.)

There are trays that we have used 10-15 times following the somewhat simple steps above.

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