How to extract a DWG profile from a model in Solidworks

Hello there guys.

I am facing a problem at work. I have modeled an injection molded part and extracted the mould in Solidworks. The thing i need now is to extract the sketch of the bottom profile of my part and save it as dwg so that i can lasercut a sheet metal which will be used for protecting the mold when sandblasting it. My question is how can i extract a dwg "sketch" from solidworks.

Thank you for your time and your rensponses,

Andreas Gkertsos

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6 Answers

Alternative Method

Open new SW drawing
Custom size
Scale 1:1
Insert view required
Adjust drawing limits as necessary
Save as dxf or dwg

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After extracting if you wish to work directly with the DWG file... You can also go to the SOLIDWORKS website, sign-in and download DraftSight® a professional grade, free 2D CAD product lets professional CAD users, students and educators create, edit and view DWG files :-)
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You can save it as DXF. This will be a 2D file with the profile of the selected view.

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Or you can try to make a drawing from that file, generate multiple views and then save as DXF.
I think this it's the most simple way to obtain a 2D profile.

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Right but not asked. He wanted a dwg file

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