How to extract flat surfaces or make vectors from?

I'm wanting to be able to design/make or extract from pre-made 3D files, flattened images that I can then create into svg vector files to be able to cut out of VINYL with my vinyl plotter! I'm curious to know what the best software would be for me to use to accomplish this the easiest and fastest? A better example of what I'm wanting to do is, to be able to cut vinyl out to then apply onto gaming consoles or laptops as "SKINS"! I purchased a few gaming console vectors to be able to cut out into skins but I'm also curious as to how to aquire anything or everything that I'd need in order to design these skins to then be able to offer for sale, Example: to be able to offer either a specific brand & model Laptop skin that covers the screen lid or covers the screen lid as well as has many other cut out pieces to provide scratch and wear protection like palm rest areas, side pieces to protect areas around the ports and on some laptops other various areas, But without me physically having to buy each Brand/Model laptop or Gaming Console so that I can aquire each and every measurement and angle to design these skins how do I find this needed info or design it because even though I own an Alienware laptop if I where to want to design a FULL protective skin for it with each individual piece cut out to fit the specific areas without needing to trim the pieces after they're applied it would literally take me forever to do so!! As for the vector files of the various handheld & box game consoles that Im able to open in Adobe Illustrator & they each show up as the correct sizes so that all I have to do is either save it as an SVG file to import into my vinyl cutting program and/or I can place an image or picture on the various parts to be able to print out custom skins if not wanting solid colors or textures, but the site I bought them from as a package sold them all to me but it does not include the newest gaming consoles as for XBOX ONE or PS4 and I have been unable to find anywhere else online or locally that sells anything like these to expand on my collection to be able to viably offer these as a business. So after almost 2 years of researching for them I'm convinced that the only way to grow my collection is for me to design each from scratch but now I'm running into the perplexing issue of how or where to be able to even find all the different measurements/angles or Models that are detailed enough to were I can accurately produce the cut vinyl pieces that Im wanting to, & even if I were to possibly reach the correct department of any of the game console or laptop manufacturers I don't think they'd even be able to provide me with all the necessary items needed whether it be just a giant list of dimensions or BEST case scenario any type of model like a 3D or CAD model, Unless any of you may know something that I'm missing here? Do Manufacturers have saved CAD Files of each of their different modeled laptops or consoles that I might be able to convert from say a 3D model into a 2D model to be able to get flattened accurately sized/shaped sufaces of the items to where I could accurately cut out those pieces with my plotter?? Thank You so very much in advance to any of you that are able to assist me in any way possible, I've been on this mad hunt for almost 2 years like I said and I've even now bought an adapter for my XBOX ONE KINECT to be able to use it on my Laptop as a 3D Scanner to see if I'd be able to possibly get anything helpful to my situation out of that but thus far not knowing what software to properly use to capture & save 3D scans with it hasnt in the least helped me because only using Microsoft's 3D builder and a few SDK's for the kinect Im able to sort of scan 3D items but with very limited adjustments to be able to properly capture an entire object and then the format it saves in doesn't even allow me to import it into their own 3D builder application & without converting it into a different format somehow I dont think it'd work with any other software either. Although they tell you that your able to scan objects in 3D and then import them into their app and even then order a 3D printed object that you scanned..... Thanks Tom C

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