how to fill the space between 2 body in solidworks ?

i have a Vehicle model and i insert it inside a box , now i want to fill the space between the car and box(note:inside of the car is empty after filling the space between car and box) i try to do it with thicken but i cant do it
can anyone help me ?
a simple example attached

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4 Answers

Option 1:
If your car model is a solid, you can create the box around and use 'combine' command and substract your car model from the solid.

Option 2:
If you are dealing with Surface, you can over-thichen it (larger than the outer box) and use 'cut with surface' command

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Sahedul Abedin can you give me example ? i cant do it !

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thanks Sahedul Abedin
my problem solved with your guidance

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