How to fillet surfaces in RHINO 3D...????

Whenever i want to smooth a corner containing 3 or more than 3 surface edges , it always gives some uneven fillet and leave a small gap between the surfaces..
How should i fix it.......????

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Hi Prashant, this is quite an irritating problem that I actually learned how to deal with from imported surfaces with bad edges in SW.

Steps are as follows (numbering of pictures is sequential):

1.) Add your three fillets with Extend and Trim set to yes
(the last fillet will not extend like the first two)

2.)Turn on 'Int' snap and turn off 'End' snap

3.) Use 'geodesic curve' ( _shortpath) to make trim curves on the first two fillets ( the fillets that extend). Beware that the geodesic curve tool can sometimes be a little temperamental so check your output curves before continuing.

4.) Trim away the overlap such that you are left with a three sided gap

5.)Use Surface from Curve Network (_Networksrf) to fill the gap ( select the edges not the curves) with edge matching set to curvature

6.) Join the surface together to form a polysurface

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Hello Prashant, it happened to me too, but it all depend on the rhino version that you are using. I use matrix 7 which is a rhino base software but i try to see what keys can help you. Sometimes you need to rebuild the surface by typing rebuild in command bar and then click on rebuild, your surfaces should all be separated or explode the design , or just extract the surface you want, then click on the surface and change the U and V point count, this may smooth your surface. If this does not help then may be one of your edges could be longer or shorter on either ends, then extract an isocurve on that surface and cut it so all the surfaces have the same edge. if you want send me the section of the file that you have problem with, and i will try to fix it for you.

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