How to Find the angles faces dimesions and how much angle while doing remastering.

Hello guys,

Can anybody tell me how to find the exact draft angle's while remastering the parts. really i felt very hard to find this kind of angled part. Give me some tips to find the draft angle's in catia . i attached the 2 images . please go through it and tell me it has draft angle or not and tell me how could you find the angled face and angled dimesions.

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5 Answers

u need to make temprary tengential surface by using extrapolate & by trim option u can get the corner for remasterring.
if u share the model then it will be gr8

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Thanks for your reply..

I saw the image.. how you did? i want to know the step to do this/// so could you explain it..

And for your information.. that part does't have any angle .. its filled only..

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Hi rupesh,

Thanks for your reply,

Here i would share the model with stp file. please help me to find out the corners. please do with history and send it to me back, so this will really help me to understand the steps,which you followed to find out.

Thanks in advance
i am eagerly waiting for your reply.


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Thanks Rupesh..

its matching perfectly..
But the actual method they used only fillet ..

Anyhow your answers is really help me to learn it.. my heartly thanks to you for spending your valuable time.


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