how to find the surfcaing analysis in pro-e ?

I wants to create a very good surface finish., So ho can use the surface analysis commands reflection, shadow, curvature and all?

the colors magenta, blue. red what is the meaning of those colors?

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i don't know if this helps

Under Plot, select one of the following types of plots:

Gaussian—Evaluates the curvature of a surface. Shaded curvature is the product of the smallest and largest normal curvatures for every point on a surface.

Maximum—Shows the largest normal curvature at every point on the surface.

Mean—Evaluates the continuity between surfaces.

you can select one of the following analysis types

Section—Displays the curvature of cross-sectional cuts parallel to a reference plane.

Quick—Displays the results of your selections at real time as you make them. Quick is the default.

Saved—Saves the analysis with the model. Saved dynamically updates the analysis results as you change the geometry. The saved analysis is displayed in the Pro/ENGINEER graphics window until you explicitly hide or delete it using the Saved Analysis dialog box.

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red means point of maximum curvature.
blue means point of minimum curvature.

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ya i know that gopal. i need extra information about that.

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What is the physical interpretaion of Shaded curvature analysis and Reflection Analysis in Creo 2.0 ?

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