How to fix STEP conversions

I downloaded some STEP files and opened them in Inventor, but they're transparent, I can't change the color, and when I put them in a drawing, they don't show up. Does anybody know what happened?

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4 Answers

I think the models you've downloaded were made with surfaces not solids.
Right click on the surface and then on 'Translucent'.

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The composite files that come up transparent can be solved pretty easily, just right click the mouse and a list should come up. In this list you should see tranparent right by the visibility button, just click it off. If its transparent that usually means its a surface model though so you will be limited in what you can do with it.

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the file is not STEP, it is IGES. I think the problem is how that iges was saved and how Inventor kernel read it. anyway I saved it as Stp. try this file.

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