how to fixed " Error in reading RSe stream" went i opened file from here site download , i can't opened ?

Autodesk Inventor Pro 2014
Core i5
Nvidia Geforce 1GB

Note: I am ready to try service packs and updates

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2 Answers

time to update your inventor. A hack is to upload it in the GrabCad workbench and re download it under a different name and different file type. The only problem ive had with that is missing derived parts or pics. but it will still show up.

gg m8

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This message applies normally when the file is created in a newer release of Inventor

E. g. you are using Inventor 2014 so the file seems to be Inventor 2015, 2016, 2017 or maybe even 2018

You can avoid this only with a release that is at least the same or newer as that release which was used to create the file

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