How to flatten a curved surface in solidworks?

I have modelled a hull of a boat on solidworks using loft feature and a couple of simple sketches for loft.

There are total of 5 surfaces. I need to flatten each of these surface so that I can get the perfect dimensions to cut the wood for making the boat in real. Please help me with this.

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See my example - older version od SW but I hope it will works in higher versions.

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Draw a new 3D drawing on each surface of the hull
Divide into triangles using long edges
Draw new 2D drawing
ReDraw triangles using dimensions from 3D sketch

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do you mean like sheet metal? or you just want the exact dimensions?

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You must playiing with a sheetmetal tool "sketched bend". This tool allow you to make individual bendings where you create a bend position ,radius of tool for bending and requested angle of bending. But you must divide a surfaces into small long plates- see how a boat hulls made in the past on net. This base model you can use to determine radius of curvature - in "sketched bend" tool put that value in place where radius is. For angle of bending you must playing. And playing is continoue. There is not a fast solutions.

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there is a new add-in for SolidWorks that makes it simple to flatten non-developable surfaces. Check out the link about 3/4 down the page

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Now available within Solidworks "Flatten Surface"

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