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How to flatten a curved surface in Solidworks?

By Matthew Durbin on 09 Apr 03:55 4 answers 0 comments

Hey guys,

Is there a way I can flatten a surface in solidworks 2013? I have a curved surface and i would like to get a flat pattern so I can laser cut it.

Thank you in advance!


Visor1.0.STEP, 9.77 MB

4 answers

  • Lincoln Rinehart
    Lincoln Rinehart over 2 years ago

    The question asks "Is there a way I can flatten a surface in solidworks 2013" The answer is for SolidWorks 2015. Not very helpful for us using 2013 that do not have that new feature.

  • Sandeep Panchal
    Sandeep Panchal 6 months ago

    i have a file in surface. i want to unfold it but i have solid works 2010 in which flatten option is not available any body can help me by unfold it .

    click in 'insert' then 'surface' then 'flatten'
    works in 2015


    Part2.SLDPRT, 125 KB
    MALLIAS 6 months ago

    Here you go. A dxf flat-pattern that you can re-import to 2010 and work on it.


    Flat-Pattern1 - Part2.DXF, 31.5 KB

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