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How to flatten a cylindrical tapered part in sheet metal mode

By Lahin Khan on 01 Dec 22:05 6 answers 0 comments

Hi, I can't seem to flatten the attach part in sheet metal mode. I am able to do this on a round part. This is an 12" outer diameter part and is 1/8" thick with an offset in 2 plane. I want to flatten this in to 4 segments (one segment in each quadrant). Does not matter which face to use as the center reference for the quadrant. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


12'' OD Sheet Metal Origional.ipt, 96 KB

6 answers

  • Jonathan DeRoner
    Jonathan DeRoner 11 months ago


    I tried as many methods as I could think of and had no luck creating a flat pattern for this part. I think the geometry may be too complex because of how it tapers.

  • advance
    advance 11 months ago

    Curious as I am, I could not get Inventor to do this, I did do it in Mastercam, using unroll. cool result.

  • Lahin Khan
    Lahin Khan 11 months ago

    Thanks for trying Jonathan & Advance. I still cant get it to flatten. I took a section of the part and still cant seem to get the part to flatten. See attach



    12'' OD Sheet Metal Origional section 1.ipt, 104 KB
  • AnMay
    AnMay 11 months ago

    I'm not able to open your ipt because i can use Inventor 2014 only, so the following is depending on the picture.

    I assume that you modeled a circular tube and cut it sloped. To unfold this part you should slot the part to achieve the unfolding.
    But be careful - the slopped edges are not really sheet metal contours in the blank because the created cutting faces are not perpendicular to the blank.

  • marcin otręba
    marcin otręba 11 months ago

    the problem is, that you extrude your schetch by angle, make straight extrude, with defined thickness on sketch and then cut ends and make tear, only then it will unfold, i attached correct file but it is in 2017 so u will not open it...


    12'' OD Sheet Metal Origional.ipt, 249 KB

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