How to flatten a cylindrical tapered part in sheet metal mode

Hi, I can't seem to flatten the attach part in sheet metal mode. I am able to do this on a round part. This is an 12" outer diameter part and is 1/8" thick with an offset in 2 plane. I want to flatten this in to 4 segments (one segment in each quadrant). Does not matter which face to use as the center reference for the quadrant. Any help would be appreciated.

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I tried as many methods as I could think of and had no luck creating a flat pattern for this part. I think the geometry may be too complex because of how it tapers.

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Curious as I am, I could not get Inventor to do this, I did do it in Mastercam, using unroll. cool result.

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Thanks for trying Jonathan & Advance. I still cant get it to flatten. I took a section of the part and still cant seem to get the part to flatten. See attach


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I'm not able to open your ipt because i can use Inventor 2014 only, so the following is depending on the picture.

I assume that you modeled a circular tube and cut it sloped. To unfold this part you should slot the part to achieve the unfolding.
But be careful - the slopped edges are not really sheet metal contours in the blank because the created cutting faces are not perpendicular to the blank.

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the problem is, that you extrude your schetch by angle, make straight extrude, with defined thickness on sketch and then cut ends and make tear, only then it will unfold, i attached correct file but it is in 2017 so u will not open it...

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