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How to flatten a part like this so that I can cut it from sheet metal in Inventor?

By R W on 22 Jun 11:08 2 answers 363 views 0 comments

I lofted this part over 3 planes. Ive tried to use surfaces. I seem to be able to convert it to a sheet metal part, but it doesn't flatten out. I'd like to get a real pattern.


lofty 2.ipt, 138 KB

2 answers

  • Saif Uddin Ahmed
    Saif Uddin Ahmed over 1 year ago

    I cannot import it in my SolidWorks 2015. You could upload a backward version of .ipt or upload in any interchange formats like IGES, Parasolid, STEP, etc.
    Me from ValidGeometry Technologies (
    For complicated shapes that do not come within our hand calculation or SolidWorks or Inventor sheet metal tools, you can use BlankWorks.
    BlankWorks can determine approximate blank size for your sheet metal forming design. This is an excellent tool that you can utilize.

    Hope you got your answer. :)


    blankworks.pdf, 127 KB
  • brandon gulley
    brandon gulley 10 months ago

    your not going to be able to flat pattern anything you want. The sheet metal function in inventor has rules. when converted to a sheet metal part you have to set the default rules in inventor. One of the dependent rules is a uniform thickness. This part is not of a uniform thickness. if you were to sweep another triangle offset from the original and create a body that has a thickness then you could rip one side and possibly flatten. Hope this helps.

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