How to flatten a sheet metal part and bend it step by step (bending simulation)?

I have a part of sheet metal and i want to flatten it and then bend every flange in a separate step for illustration

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piece of cake.

All you have to do is use the fold and unfold commands. 'Unfold' and 'collect all bends' for the first feature, and then 'fold' the unfolded bends one at a time in whatever order you wish to demonstrate.

Take screenshots of them all in the same orientation and combine them in a PDF file to make a great 'flip chart' of the bend sequence.

See attached example.

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Thank you very much sir

this is a close approch to what i want

but i want to simulate the sequence of bending steps like assembly simulation

OK i appreciate your answer very much

thank you very much and I will use your way untill i achieve the simulation of bends

best regards

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