How to fold sheet metal one by one twice.

Hi everybody,
I wont to fold sheet metal as shown in the dash line of image .But after the first fold i m unable to draw second . what is the tool or trike. Place help.

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your version is different.. i started my own sheet on solidworks 2012
and how its done

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Try this one. I didn't realize the fold went the other way.

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Create a Plane 0.25 from the small surface.
Mirror the body.
New sketch on the end of one sheet.
Convert Entities to create profile and draw a center line line between bodies.
Revolve sketch by 180 degrees, merging solids.

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Hi, everyday i'm working with Sheet Metal, maybe this instruction may help you.

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Thank you Abdul to help me . But my requirement is not it. i add a photo of a sheet fold as my requirement. I think it can make clear picture of my request.

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