How to free mates to allow movement in assembly?

I know this must be a basic question but how do i allow mates or subcomponents in a higher assembly to move?

Hinge Assembly

The hinges in this assembly move freely on there own but when I incorporate them into a higher assembly they lock up. How do I allow them to move according to their mates?

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3 Answers

At first I was also messed up with this when i was making a model of ATV and had to mate a shocker. Here is the Solution.

Answered with a tutorial:

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Here is the full solution. When i looked at the assembly i found that the limit angle mate is creating problem. You have mated it in the hinge rather than Header. Maybe this will help.

Answered with a tutorial:

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you should try to use mechanical mates and also instead of mating them just fix them in the position you want.... reply if this helps at all

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