How to get 3D & 2D CAD work?

If any one of you Outsource CAD work, please inform, because here in GrabCAD you will get good engineers to do your work...

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It is tough.. I go mostly on referrals at this point - but it took 3 years to get here - and I do lots of stuff other than just CAD.

What country are you in? You can wh0re yourself at,, etc.

Or you can start in your local area, using web forums if there are any, or make a brochure and approach local manufacturers..

If your portfolio is strong, do a few portfolio site profiles, then use those to reply to craigslist or similar entries.

You can also create a website for yourself. This is the other way I get work.. But really, it is... putting it out there - i used to post an add to 3 sections of craigslist, for the first two years of full time freelancing.. That worked OK and got me some website traffic..

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ya thanks ! I am on I am currently running my own design firm. And I am doing local projects in automation. Also I do the manufacturing of the same. But I wanted to get more work to get more exp.
I am from India. My company name is Mechaligence.
Dev Raut

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