How to get area of surface with curved borders ?

Could anyone give me some tips, how to get area of 2D surface with curved borders using DraftSight ? I have rectangle with two curved borders. When using ARCLENGTHDIMENSION, it shows length of these curved borders correctly. But when using GETAREA command and marking endponts of this curved surface, it simply calculates area using straight lines between marked ponts.

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Hello, I ran into a similar issue, and here is how I got around it.

Using the command window:

1. First type pl to start a Polyline,
2. Next use the pl commands to make one continuous pl out of straight sections and arcs, make sure to end the Polyline by closing it on itself (I use the close command at the command window by typing c)
3. Use the li command ie. "getproperties" and you should get a printout of the perimeter and area along with some other possibly useful data.

The downside of this method is you will most likely have to re-draw / trace the enclosed area you desire to calculate with a new single pl if you haven't allrdy constructed it out of one (un-likely), but it can be faster than doing hand calculations.

I would like to hear of better / alternate ways if anyone else has input.

Hope this helps,

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