how to get coordinates from 3D stp file of 3D pipes

i need to find the coordinates of a 3d pipe stp file, in order to find the center line for the part for making special tools, lot of the pipes are like engine hose (lot of bends and turns) how to do get dimension of the pipes, please help...

Screenshot attached in attachment is for an example/....

4 Answers

I was thinking about a similar project I did in the past, and remembered that I did not sketch circles to find the center points. Instead I used the Reference Point tool in SOLIDWORKS after slicing the pipe into segments. The Reference Point tool has the ability to place a point at the center of a face/surface.

Both methods will work. Which is better is difficult to say, and may come down to how clean the CAD data is. For an imported CAD model, I think you'll get the same results from either. I was working with 3D scan data, and the reference point was the better option compared to trying to fit a circle to the irregular surface.

Arun; are you asking about a rigid pipe or a flexible hose? (The picture looks like a hose to me, with that tight, U-shaped bend)

If you have a means of creating 4 isoparms along the tube, you can then create a surface from each 'diamterically' opposed pair. Two surfaces, then a curve from their intersection for the centerline.

For more complex pipe runs, there is specialized software to plot the centerline.
For something like this, I'd create a few reference planes to section the pipe into concentric slices. Place a circle on each plane to match the pipe. Then create a sketch / spline that passes through all the circle centers.
The more planes / slices used will dictate the accuracy of the centerline. But the pipes shown appear to mostly be straight with tangent bends. So using lines and arcs instead of splines is likely a better option in this case.