How to get DXF from CREO Elements/Pro?

I currently work with basic CREO Elements/Pro. Since I don't have access to a DXF interface how could I convert the STL file (available interface) to DXF? Thanks for your ideas!

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First open your STL file, then start new drawing.
There from Insert tab,==> DRAWING VIEW ==> GENERAL.

Place your model & arrange the views as required.

Go through Property ==> VIEW DISPLAY & change Display style to WIRE FRAME / HIDDEN / NO HIDDEN.

Then File ==> Save a copy ==> Save as a DXF format.

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At work we usually use the export feature. We have made a mapkey that is set to dxf so when we get the views arranged as needed we just hit the hotkey to send dxf to the set working directory. Don't forget you will probably want your scale set to 1:1.

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