how to get FLEXlM ID IN ansys 13.0 ?


I tried to install it but when I get to installing the license it says something like "the folder FLEXlM ID does not match with the system FLEXlM ID"
it appears that solidwork changed something in my pc

I tried to un-install solidwork and also restored the system but with no use

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance

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1 Answer

FlexLM is a major trouble maker, unlike its name which means Flexible license manager, it is not. If you have a legal version of Ansys, them call them and demand satisfaction. Else, search Google for FlexLM trouble shooting. The software has been causing problems for even the legal owners for about 20 years, you will find solutions and help from sympathizing victims all over the net. good Luck!

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