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How to get my model as popular of the week ?

By Ondřej Novák on 08 May 11:30 1 answer 3 comments

Hello ... i looked at all popular models of the week and i have much more likes than every model of week (49)....much more downloads than none (more than 1500).... and to make my model it took long time ... but this morning i got email with top models of week and my model was not in 5 best .... how is that possible ? do not expect that i will pay for that

1 answer

  • a1ce339a
    a1ce339a over 4 years ago

    Be patient, good things come to those who wait. If it’s going to happen then it will happen.
    It’s nice to be appreciated by your peers, but continuing to add good models can only improve your chances.

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