How to get my profile to 100%?

Hi,I'm trying to get my profile to 100% and it's not working,so I fear I can't win any challenges as you state :needing 100% profile. I'm stuck at 90% for no reasons,got 6 models up and filled every line in my description page,what am I missing here?

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Encouraging people to upload 20 models in a month sounds like a recipe for filling up GRABCAD with poor quality items that no one wants. I think the powers that be should reconsider this one.
And why should winning merit badges be considered an essential part of completing a profile? Shouldn't these be extras?

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Hi Th3BadWolf
You can win challenges even when your profile is not 100% mate
but you first need to enter then LoL'ss
The way to get your profile 100% is to have all parts of your profile filled in and you also need 3 badges from GrabCAD to qualify for 100% profile...There is a number of ways to get badges in GrabCAD
Upload 20models within 1 month and you get TOP UP LOADER badge
Have 100 renders of other peoples models will give you RENDER BENDER badge....
Help 5 people out with requested models and the list goes on ect, ect...
BTW just has a little look @ your profile some wicked models there mate
Have a little look @ all the badges that are up for grab's and hope to see some on your profile very soon @

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Grabcad needs to edit the FAQ page that gives incorrect info about the profile.

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U just need 3 badges more to make it 100%.

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