How to get the best out of rendering in Inventor 2014?

Inventor 2014 has a feature for raytracing, which deals outstanding visuals when used right. Inventor 2014 also has "Inventor studio", where you can make renderings of your model with backgrounds, etc. This also supports automatic "screencaping" of the whole assembly in any resolution of your choise, and also supports antialiasing.

But unfortently you somehow cant render your model with Inventor studio with ray tracing enabled, so most renderings made look like crap anyways.
Also ray tracing doesent have a mode to render the image, which means you can only screencap with a program like windows screencap tool or other programs like that. This limits your final result of how good your image looks, and most often doesent support more than 1080p, if you havent got the luxuary of a 4k-display or something like that.

So my question is if there is any way to utilize both ray tracing and antialiasing, as well as an option to select a custom resolution for the image to be rendered in. Because as far as i know there is no way to do this...


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We use Autodesk Showcase for rendering. It gives you more possibilties for rendering and making movies then Inventor does.
If you have an Autodesk Suite license, you should have Showcase in your package.
Maybe it's worth a try...

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I have recently been using Fusion 360 for simple, black and white renderings and have been satisfied with the results. It has that Sketchup look to it and it is dead simple for changing materials and colors.

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I only have a student licence as far as i know, maybe worth looking it up though...
Otherwise most application has some kind of trial that i might bee able to take advante of, at least for a week or so.
I will also look into fusion 360, and has to see what they offer. Thanks for the help :D

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