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How to get to the sketching view after clicking on the plane?

By createify heart on 11 Mar 07:36 10 answers 3 comments

I recently installed the new Solid Edge ST6. I used the older version of solid edge and it had a Sketch button. After clicking the sketch button i just needed to click on the plane and the view would change to the sketch view. However in the new solid edge i cannot find the sketch button and the line, circle, arc commands have to be used in the isometric view. I found a sketch view button but it doesn't seem to be working. I attached two pictures below, Please help me in this. Thank you.

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10 answers

  • Yogesh Kalyanpad
    Yogesh Kalyanpad over 3 years ago

    You need to go to Tools (search in any tab, i dont remember the name of the tab exactly). You will find "Synchronous" radio button ticked. Instead of that, select "Ordered" and now if you click on Sketch and select appropriate plane, the plane will orient to sketch view.

  • Scott Lester
    Scott Lester almost 3 years ago

    Yeah if you go to the Ordered environment, you will see the "Sketch: button you are used to. Go to Tools>Model tab and check the Ordered dot. also you can go to Solid Edge Options on the Application button and go to Helpers in the left column. Change to start parts and sheet metal in the ordered environment

  • Craig Hall
    Craig Hall almost 3 years ago

    You can orientate to the sketch view using "Ctrl H"

  • Stefan Peter
    Stefan Peter over 3 years ago

    You have to lock youre plane. You can do this by pressing F3 or by a click on the lock...

  • createify heart
    createify heart over 3 years ago

    Thank you Stefan, it worked. But is there a way that when i click on a button and then directly click on any plane that i want to sketch? I mean a button like sketch, after clicking it i directly need to select the plane and the view changes. Thank you.

  • Kush Desai
    Kush Desai over 3 years ago

    No you cant get any button for directly go to sketch plane in "Synchronous" enviroment. but if you use "Ordered" (Tradational) enviroment the u can get this function as u say. just click sketch or extrude or whatever u want then simply click on plane u want to use u can dirctly transfer to selected plane's sketch view.

  • Kamyar
    Kamyar almost 3 years ago

    If you read Solid Edge's own propaganda, the synchronous modelling has its own limitations (not meant for production yet). If you are in production, stick with the "ordered" or traditional format. You can make it your default .par via preferences.

  • createify heart
    createify heart almost 3 years ago

    ok i got this thank you all :) ...... btw is there any tutorials available in synchronous mode in solidedge?

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