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How to get xy coordinates of full drawing in autocad?

By madhavan on 18 Jul 05:10 2 answers 811 views 0 comments

I have 100's of holes in Centre housing. for all holes I want a X, Y co ordinates. how can I get this?

2 answers

  • Danny Key
    Danny Key 6 months ago

    Hoi ,

    I think you have to try " Data extraxtion"

    You hav to go to:
    Annotate - Extrat data
    create a new data extraxtion
    give the file a name,
    put it in a folder
    Then you can select the objects you want.
    Select objects and do next.
    Then you can select the properties of the objects yolu want to list.
    Then you can see an example from your filter.
    then you cab choose if you wa,t an excel table or put it in your drawing as an table.



  • krishna kanth
    krishna kanth 5 months ago

    No need of any setting if u open autocad its default shows x,y co-ordinates directions. If u want to place a point exactly on joining of x,y co-ordinate keep “snap on” (F9)

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