How to get your story in the upcoming book telling the world about our Community!

There isn’t a single day that passes when we don’t hear stories about how engineers are getting help from other community members.

It usually starts with, “I needed a part for my designs and I didn’t have time to design it. I looked on GrabCAD and there it was. I saved a whole day, and what’s even better, the original author shared more tips with me about his design. It could only happen on GrabCAD!” Hearing these stories keeps us going – we know that there are so many creative engineers and designers out there who appreciate that we save them time and help them do their job better.

But, not all the stories we hear are so positive. A couple of weeks ago, I met a brilliant product designer and engineer – a really brilliant one. After our meeting, he told me he’s making a career move to become an interactive designer. Yes, you heard me correctly, an interactive designer. He is talented enough to do anything, but I was curious. Why leave engineering? He feels that the engineering field is not developing quickly enough and, as a career opportunity, software seems like a better choice.

In some ways, I agree with him: there really haven’t been many innovations in CAD in the past 20 years. But, there is change in the air and I think he’s going to miss out on something really special. First, there is a new focus and movement based on hardware. Secondly, the internet really hasn’t changed how things are designed and built. At GrabCAD, we can see change is already happening.

Engineering is not developing quickly enough, but there is change in the air!

The GrabCAD vision is to build tools that help you design better products faster by taking advantage of this new open environment. More than 700.000 engineers and designers agree with us and joined our online movement to access CAD content, CAD people, and CAD tools.

These changes in the industry are hugely important and we need to share them with everyone who will listen. As a fellow engineer, I know that we may not be a very talkative group of people who are always tweeting and sharing, but these stories need to be told. We need to spread the word on how the engineering industry is moving forward, so a new generation of engineers and designers are inspired to choose a career dedicated to building great products.

So, we’re writing a book.

It’s about engineers, it’s about the future, and it’s about how this new, open enigeering world is going to change the way we design and build products. We want our book to be your book – it will be filled with stories from the people who are making this change happen, you. Thanks for building GrabCAD with us!

Leave us your story (1-4 sentences) in the comments below, and we may feature it in the book!

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I do wish this will be a talk about community. I'm a few days fresh here and I'm very addicted to it and coming back daily. I do agree with the brilliant designer in some ways too. I was also doing engineering work and didn't feel that I get exposure to do more in a creative way. Exploring different industries to gain more skills and expand on knowledge on other things.

I feel engineering is almost like a dying art. There are great artists but they're all dead and then everyone dabs at art and there are way too many artists now, but not many are good. In engineering, there isn't enough engineers and may have a higher demand for them in the near future. The world is picking up speed and more than ever, people are inspired to be innovative and more designs and engineering and methods and technologies are out there and so even the engineering part is still the same, but on the cloud products and collaborative work or concurrent engineerings lead me to think about the new way of designing.

I would love to take part in this story book or contribute in some ways, this community is " innovation!" , I can see how companies cut costs, time in development, speedier collaborations. And potentials for more ways of doing things.

I think that's more than 1-4 sentences. oops that's another one. :P

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I have worked as a mechanical engineer in Silicon Valley for more than twenty years. I also teach at a community college. The younger designers are definitely excited about the idea of collaborative design and GrabCAD is a natural fit.

I use GrabCAD for design review with clients. They love the fact that they don't have to download any software to view and manipulate the 3D models. The instant notification on their smartphones when new files are uploaded or comments are added makes them feel connected to their designs.

I like the ease of use. It takes less than five minutes to open a new project, invite collaborators, and upload the first set of files for review. I don't have to download or install any software. I don't have to convert my native SolidWorks files, plus I have a nice back-up and revision control for my work.

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First of all I just wanted to say that I am GrabCAD Addicted.when I was getting training for CAD.
I just asked one doubt to my teacher then he use google for it and this was the time when I saw GrabCAD first time.
I came home then started searching CAD model and tutorials on it.
About one month I did not open my account on it but then I linked it with my FB and here my journy begines on grabcad.
I started learning CAD from here I asked people to review my CAD they helped me alot.
I participated in many Challenges here.
I won one zw3d contest on Christmas this was my awesome christmas I ever had.
I am now spend lots of time here (more Then FB).
I get to know many good CAD + Rendering softwares here which I was never heared before.
Thanks GrabCAd for giving such beautiful platform for designers.
just looking more forward for JOB applications here.


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Thank you to everyone who contributed their stories for the book!

I wanted to post an update here for you. The book is being finished, now. It's 11 chapters full of stories from the people and companies that use GrabCAD along with spotlights on others' outside of our Community doing innovative things in design and manufacturing.

It is set to be published in February. When we have things finished, we'll get you more information!

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I started using GrabCAD about a year ago with the intention to find some great models, to learn some tips of SolidWorks and I did it. Site design and model preview is awesome and I decided to stay here. I'm very glad that the Top engineer is Verislav Mudrak, an engineer from Serbia so I started to uploading my models, drawings and renders. After few minutes, I started getting likes and PM's. I am glad to be part of this large community and will keep uploading.


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Which other humans can do, to see! Which they do, understand! How they do it, learn ! That was and is the engine of mine nearly 45 professional years. Grabcad offers that to everyone wants, fuel for the way to the good technical designer ! Intelligent solutions more experienced engineer-impudent, new ideas of entrants. Humans with sharp view and ingenious hand for beautiful design . My time with Grabcad is a good investment ! The keyword for me is called: Inspiration ! Of it I get myself a quantity with Grabcad. Together with the experiences in the most diverse industries and activities, even made, this facilitates for me
spreads knowledge base the daily work. Who demands the special, finished solution for its construction work however with Grabcad or download simple and insert as the smarter solution sees, which the joy in designing and the success of its projects to remain malfunctioned !

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Imagination, I think is the true mark of Engineers and Designers. Whoever stepped forward to build this great endeavor of connecting Engineers and designers scattered around the world I would like to Congratulate them on this success. The success of the Grabcad can't be bound inside a book neither be completed within few sentences.

I've learned a lot of new techniques from here. The total amalgamation of resource here are venturesome. I feel proud of being a member of this community.

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Indeed is a design tool for all people involve with the CAD, now i don´t have to waste my important time modeling a simple bolt or other object for my detail assemblies,, also is a cool a way to learn by others 3d models looking the model tree and all the new tutorials.

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