How to give color exact ss 304 to tank

Require help in rendering,how i will give exact ss 304 material color to part.
For reference of color here i attached image of tank.

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If you upload the STEP file or a solid model I'm sure someone could take care of it for you. I have had a few different users create renderings with SS and they turn out very nice.

Otherwise, you could need to render it with the tools provided in solidworks. 304 SS is a provided material. SW is not my preferred software for renders, but would give you results non-the-less. You may need to tweak the settings/lighting/etc to get the exact results you want. Same goes for all materials.

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The method used to vary the color really depends on the rendering or photo editing software you are using.

I know that in Keyshot the material can be edited, I'm sure other rendering tools have similar options.

That material is so white, that you may want to experiment with other materials. Just because it is SS304 in real life does not mean you have to apply SS in the software. Try Aluminum, try silver. Both will give a "whiter" result. It will then come down to matching the surface texture.

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Here is what we have at my job for 304 ss. Ignore the pink outlines though. This is also in inventor so it may turn out to be different in other softwares.

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Use Keyshot and look for high quality metal sheet textures to apply, and work on the material features, as well as the inherent lighting for that material.

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Color is only an attribute of light.
Matter models the light!

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